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What are FasciaDerm Foot Supports?

FasciaDerm provides all-day support and pain relief by matching the natural response and range of motion of healthy fascia tissue. This is NOT a Kinesio Tape. Typical sports tapes lose effectiveness in as little as 30 minutes in the demanding application of supporting the foot.

  • directly controls plantar stress
  • stabilizes the foot
  • limits pronation and supination
  • won't slip or break down during sports

Is FasciaDerm Right for Me?

Do you experience heel pain from the first moment you step out of bed every morning? Does it feel like someone has put an ice pick in your heel or arch?

Lasting foot pain relief is often reported in 2 to 4 treatment cycles:

  • Work/Occupational stress
  • Sports-related strain
  • Active lifestyle

Looking for an Alternative to Cortisone Injections?

FasciaDerm Foot Supports are recommended by a growing number of:

  • Podiatrists
  • Sports medicine professionals
  • Chiropractors

Used by doctors, podiatrists, sports therapists and chiropractors"FasciaDerm is effective in the
treatment of acute and chronic
plantar fasciitis as an adjunct
to custom orthotics."
  – Dr. Daryl Caneva
    Caneva Foot and Ankle
    Joliet, IL

FasciaDerm® claims are based on user experience and not on clinical studies. FasciaDerm® claims are not scientifically proven.

What is Plantar Fasciitis? & other Common Questions

Quick Facts about Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition of the heel or arch, often described to feel like an ice pick in the bottom of heel during the first few steps in the morning or after periods of rest. This condition is caused by repetitive or excessive stress on the foot that results in small tears in the connective tissue (fascia) between the ball of the foot and the heel bone.

How long does plantar fasciitis take to heal?

There are many factors which impact the time it takes to recover, such as age, activity level, general health, duration of time before beginning plantar fasciitis treatment, presence of scar tissue in the fascia, and level of support provided by the user's footwear. It is not uncommon for cases of plantar fasciitis to linger for 6 months or longer, even with current treatments (e.g. steroid injections, foot taping, ice, rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, custom and over-the-counter orthotics). According to one study, even cases left untreated typically had resolved themselves given adequate time (e.g. 12-24 months). However, most users desire to remain active throughout treatment and eliminate pain as quickly as possible, in the least invasive and most affordable manner.

What are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis? How do I know I have it?

Pain in the heel during the first few steps of the day is the clearest and most common indication of plantar fasciitis. The pain can be experienced in both feet, but more commonly only affects a single foot. While heel pain is the commonly occurring symptom, the pain may also be located anywhere along the arch of the foot. The pain can often be severe and described by some to feel like an ice pick in the heel during the first few steps in the morning or after periods of rest. Only a medical professional can confirm the condition by physical examination.

What causes heel pain?

When damage occurs to the plantar fascia, the body responds with inflammation, typically in the heel area, but commonly along the arch. It is this inflammation and accumulation of fluid around the damaged tissue that contributes to the intensity of the pain. When we sleep or rest for long periods of time, fluid accumulates in the area of damaged tissue. Once we apply weight, (as in the first step out of bed in the morning) pressure applied to the bottom of the foot is transferred via the inflammation fluids directly to the damaged tissue, resulting in a sensation of sharp pain in the heel or arch. As we walk of stand for a few minutes, the plantar fasciitis pain typically lessens as the inflammation fluids are pushed back into the surrounding tissue. These small tears in the fascia have traditionally been difficult to heal, because the foot never gets a long enough period of rest without being exposed to stress.

How is heel pain from plantar fasciitis treated?

How to treat plantar fasciitis includes many options such as: bed rest, immobilizing boots, night splints, foot taping, orthotics, heel pads, steroid injections, surgery and NAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). None of the treatments have proven themselves to be very effective. A "cure-all" has not been declared by the medical community for plantar fasciitis.

BED REST would protect the fascia while it recovers, but who can afford to stay in bed?

An IMMOBILIZING BOOT, allows fascia to rest, but only while it's in use. However, use of a boot is too uncomfortable and too limiting during normal daily activity to fulfill its purpose.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS NIGHT SPLINTS (bedtime stretching devices) attempt to stretch the fascia as you sleep. This stretching may be beneficial over the long run. However, this does little for your current pain, and it does little to protect newly healing fascia from re-injury. We like night-splints and stretching in general, as preventive measures once you have healthy fascia. The problem is when you are not hurting, compliance with using an uncomfortable night-splint will be lacking.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS FOOT TAPING when skillfully applied can provide needed support for a short duration. Tests have shown taping loses its effectiveness in only minutes (e.g. often less than 30 minutes) typically as materials elongate and as adhesives slip and shift. Popular stretch tapes were designed for a wide range of body support applications, and are not specialized or optimized for the role of supporting the plantar fascia.

PLANTAR FASCIITIS ORTHOTIC(s) provide great bio-mechanical support to the foot, and can be excellent in preventing re-occurrence of new bouts of plantar fasciitis. Supportive footwear, often including orthotic inserts is an important part of long term foot care. However (remember our secret) supporting and protecting the plantar fascia is the key to recovery. Any device such as an orthotic insert has only a limited effect on managing plantar fascia stress during the heel rise (i.e. or propulsion) phase of the gait cycle. Protecting fascia through all phases of the gait cycle is essential to allowing the fascia to rest and recover without risk of being re-damaged!

STEROID INJECTIONS are excruciatingly painful and invasive...Need we say more?

PLANTAR FASCIITIS SURGERY offers no guarantees.

NAIDS and icing may offer some relief, but don't address the problem of the damaged fascia, and re-damage to weakened fascia. As with any injury, try the least invasive, less expensive, least inconvenient treatment options first, FasciaDerm is that option.

How do these treatments for plantar fasciitis stack up against each other?

The Best Treatment Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain

What is FasciaDerm®? What benefit does it provide?

FasciaDerm is a two part disposable foot support system, designed to enable quick recovery from Plantar Fascia symptoms and stress related foot pain.

What makes FasciaDerm an Effective Treatment for Heel Pain?

FasciaDerm is based on a patented system which includes a proprietary, non-slip adhesive technology and a proprietary durable, woven, synthetic fiber blend support layer with tensile and rebound characteristics optimized to assist the natural response of the plantar fascia. The two piece system is easy to apply and controls plantar stress, while the arch strap stabilizes the foot and limits pronation. The system directly limits damaging tensile stress through the entire gait cycle. FasciaDerm is compatible with any footwear and with orthotic devices.

FasciaDerm does not easily slip or breakdown under cyclic loading like traditional sports tapes or elastic products. Reducing stress through the entire gait cycle improves conditions for recovery, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Typically applied in the morning and worn all day, or for pain prevention during athletic activities, FasciaDerm is an effective alternative to more costly and invasive treatment programs.

Is FasciaDerm a sports tape?

No. General athletic tapes or common kinesiology tape products are designed to provide light support for overuse injuries, usually around joints such as the knee or elbow, though some users also apply it around soft tissues (e.g. muscles) to add support where needed. When it comes to plantar fascia, however, the performance of these tape products is markedly reduced as the foot fascia requires performance traits that no general purpose tape product can match.

FasciaDerm's specialized structural properties are designed to help you achieve significant pain relief right away, unlike athletic taping products that may have a similar appearance. FasciaDerm is the result of advanced materials research, and the outcome is a support product with properly calibrated tensile, elongation and rebound characteristics optimized to support the plantar fascia. FasciaDerm's Tensile-Lock™ skin-friendly adhesive technology prevents slippage, and its synthetic woven fiber construction won't break down or lose effectiveness under normal use. Plus, its pre-shaped, two-part design makes application easy and repeatable, not a guessing game.

Will I experience heel pain relief with FasciaDerm?

If you try the FasciaDerm Foot Support Recovery System and don't see a significant reduction in heel and arch pain, we will issue a full refund of your purchase, no questions asked. There is literally zero risk in trying out FasciaDerm. You have nothing to lose…except the sharp, recurring foot pain from plantar fasciitis. There is simply no better treatment option and no greater value, at any price.
How much should I purchase?
Foot pain, particularly heel pain or plantar fasciitis, often affects only as single foot. Each FasciaDerm package contains 6 units, or one 6 day cycle for a single foot. We recommend that new users purchase a Recovery Pack (12 units) to ensure the best opportunity for recovery from plantar fasciitis symptoms. A Refill Pack (6 units) is also available for extra support when you need it. If used on a regular basis for the prevention of plantar fasciitis (i.e. athletic or training use) the larger Pro/Value Pack (30 units) may be more appropriate.

*To maintain foot health, we emphasize the use of supportive footwear, which may often include orthotic devices.

See your physician with regards to any questions you have regarding pain or medical conditions.

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