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Relieve the Strain Behind the Pain

  • Fast, drug-free heel pain relief
  • Immediate support to tired, achy feet
  • Recover from plantar fasciitis pain fast while remaining active
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What are FasciaDerm Foot Supports?

FasciaDerm provides all-day support and pain relief by matching the natural response and range of motion of healthy fascia tissue. This is NOT a Kinesio Tape. Typical sports tapes lose effectiveness in as little as 30 minutes in the demanding application of supporting the foot.

  • directly controls plantar stress
  • stabilizes the foot
  • limits pronation and supination
  • won't slip or break down during sports

Is FasciaDerm Right for Me?

Do you experience heel pain from the first moment you step out of bed every morning? Does it feel like someone has put an ice pick in your heel or arch?

Lasting foot pain relief is often reported in 2 to 4 treatment cycles:

  • Work/Occupational stress
  • Sports-related strain
  • Active lifestyle

Looking for an Alternative to Cortisone Injections?

FasciaDerm Foot Supports are recommended by a growing number of:

  • Podiatrists
  • Sports medicine professionals
  • Chiropractors

Used by doctors, podiatrists, sports therapists and chiropractors"FasciaDerm is effective in the
treatment of acute and chronic
plantar fasciitis as an adjunct
to custom orthotics."
  – Dr. Daryl Caneva
    Caneva Foot and Ankle
    Joliet, IL

FasciaDerm® claims are based on user experience and not on clinical studies. FasciaDerm® claims are not scientifically proven.
  FasciaDerm for Heel Pain Treatment

A Peek at the Science Inside...

  • Advanced materials engineered to mimic the strong, tough natural response of the fascia with optimized tensile, elongation and rebound characteristics, thus maximizing the therapeutic effect
  • Tensile-Lock™ adhesive technology – prevents slippage and loss of effectiveness
  • Synthetic woven fibers ensure durability (FasciaDerm does not break down or lose effectiveness under normal use)
  • Unique pre-shaped two part design – ensures easy and repeatable self-application
  • Proprietary, non-irritating skin friendly adhesive

Note: This is not a common general purpose stretch tape, sports tape or medical tape product

FasciaDerm® – The Natural Heel Pain Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Have you been searching for an effective treatment for plantar fasciitis? Perhaps you’ve spent a lot of money on custom orthotics and invasive procedures and nothing has worked. The FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System was designed specifically to provide fast heel pain relief and help create the right conditions to allow for long-term healing. FasciaDerm provides hands-down the best treatment for plantar fasciitis – it's easy to apply, can be worn comfortably all day and provides support exactly where you need it.

The FasciaDerm® Heel Pain Relief System delivers natural heel pain relief almost immediately. Plantar fasciitis heel pain is caused by the inflammation associated with small tears in the fascia near the heel. The only way to aid in its recovery is to provide support to the area so that the damaged tissue is not repeatedly injured and overstressed (it's not uncommon for plantar fasciitis to linger a year or more, in cases that are treated or those that area treated conventionally, i.e. steroid injections, orthotics, NSAIDs, etc.). FasciaDerm's patented design addresses the root cause of the pain and prevents re-injury when used as directed, making it the most effective plantar fasciitis treatment on the market today.

Watch a short video on how FasciaDerm Delivers Fast Relief of Heel Pain

Plus, FasciaDerm is designed to be used at home. Our two-part design is easy to apply, with no guesswork required. It's thin and lightweight, making it unnoticeable and easy to wear with most socks, hosiery and shoes. While we recommend using supportive footwear during your treatment, you can rest assured that you don't have to invest in custom shoes or unattractive footwear.

Wearing FasciaDerm is'll have your normal healthy range of motion, and your heel pain will start to drastically diminish in a period of days. And because FasciaDerm is always supporting the stresses when you're on your feet, inflammation will be noticeably reduced, allowing you to remain active even during treatment. FasciaDerm is NOT a Kinesio tape – this product is unique in its design, materials and application, made to handle the challenges of providing all-day support without stretching, slipping or losing its effectiveness.

If you have been dealing with heel pain from plantar fasciitis, we urge you to try the FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System. Take a look at the comparison chart for plantar fasciitis treatment options and you'll see that the no other treatment comes close when it comes to results and overall value. We stand behind our products...FasciaDerm is guaranteed to provide drastic heel pain relief, or your money back. While every individual is different, the best way to try FasciaDerm is to order the Recovery Pack (12 applications). This package provides 12 days of treatment to a single foot. Most customers report a dramatic reduction in heel pain within 1-3 days of use. Lasting heel pain relief is often reported within 2-4 (six day) treatment cycles. Results will vary.

"Step Beyond the Pain™" with FasciaDerm. It’s cost-effective, drug free and non-invasive.

Don't live with heel pain from plantar fasciitis any longer than you have to...take a look at the comparison chart below and you'll quickly understand why FasciaDerm is the only plantar fasciitis treatment guaranteed to provide the most effective and natural treatment for heel pain.

The Best Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – A Comparison

SURGERY FasciaDerm
Your Best Option
Immediate Support to Plantar Fascia during active hours Yes   Yes     Yes
Support to all phases of the Gait Cycle (including propulsion) Yes         Yes
Support to the Plantar Fascia for all load-bearing hours of the day     Yes     Yes
Hours of durable support (without loss of effectiveness)     Yes     Yes
Easy to self-apply /
re-apply for multiple days
  Yes Yes     Yes
FAST Pain Relief (0-4 days) expected       Yes   Yes
Total Cost of Treatment $$ - $$$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$$ $
Good Preventative Measure or Part of Long-Term Care   Yes Yes     Yes
Convenient /
Comfortable to Use
No No No No Yes
 LEGEND yesDefinitely Yes no Definitely No $ < $50 $$ = $50-$100 $$$ = $150-500 $$$$ = $500 +

Disclaimer: All statements are based on user feedback and medical opinion. FasciaDerm Claims are not scientifically proven and are not the results of a clinical study. Nothing here is intended or implied to be substitute for medical device. Applied BioKinetics LLC urges you consult your physician regarding any questions you have regarding medical issues and before starting any treatment program. All warrantees and remedies limited to product replacement or a refund of the purchase price.

FASCIADERM is micro-thin and easy to apply. It provides protection and support to the plantar fascia through the entire gait cycle (even during heel lift). It is intended to be worn through the entire load bearing hours of the day (typically 14-18 hours) to protect the fascia near 24/7 during recovery. Unless you are a sleep walker, 14-18 hours a day is sufficient. It can provide immediate support and is reported by many to bring significant relief from heel pain in 3-4 days*. When used as directed for a period of days after the pain subsides, (preferably at least for two full 6-day treatment cycles) the fascia will have a chance to strengthen and chances for re-injury minimized. Stretching, orthotics and supportive footwear, and periodic use of FASCIADERM, if needed, can go a long way to keeping you moving and pain free!

Effective, Drug-Free Heel Pain Relief. Guaranteed

If you try the FasciaDerm Foot Support System and don't see a significant reduction in heel and arch pain, we will issue a full refund of your purchase, no questions asked. There is literally zero risk in trying out FasciaDerm. You have nothing to lose…except the sharp, recurring foot pain from plantar fasciitis. There is simply no better treatment option and no greater value, at any price.

FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System Recovery Pack (12 units) - *MOST POPULAR* FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System PRO Pack (30 units) - *MOST POPULAR WITH TRAINERS* FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System Trial Pack (6 units)
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Get fast relief from plantar fasciitis pain with the FasciDerm Heel Pain Relief System Recovery Pack Get fast relief from plantar fasciitis pain with the FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System Pro Pack Get fast relief from plantar fasciitis pain with the FasciDerm Single Pack
The FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System Recovery Pack contains (12) one-time use, micro-thin supports which have been engineered to manage foot strain, particularly in the Plantar Fascia. They deliver fast heel pain relief and allow you to stay active during recovery. This package is recommended for most users. The FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System Pro/Value Pack contains (30) one-time use, micro-thin supports which have been engineered to manage foot strain, particularly in the Plantar Fascia. They deliver fast heel pain relief and allow you to stay active during recovery. This package is most popular with sports/fitness trainers and medical professionals. The FasciaDerm Heel Pain Relief System Trial/Refill Pack contains (6) one-time use, micro-thin supports which have been engineered to manage foot strain in the Plantar Fascia. They deliver fast heel pain relief and allow you to stay active during recovery.

Who Can Benefit from Using FasciaDerm for Heel Pain Relief?

The most effective plantar fasciitis treatment for everyday people...

    • Sprinters
    • Distance Runners
    • Triathletes
    • Olympians

I really like it, I have used it on 2 players and 2 staff members with great success, we just placed another order for more through

– Geoff Kaplan ATC, LAT, PT, SCS, CSCS, Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer, Houston Texans

This is a GREAT product!!! Product was received without delay. By the end of day two I walking with very slight pain. I was pain-free by the end of day three. I started running again on day 10. I probably could have started running sooner, but I chose to let the healing process continue before I put the foot under stress conditions.

– Steve M., Houston, TX

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I have gotten great results in my podiatry practice using FasciaDerm for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Patients are extremely pleased with the convenience and the ease of use of this unique treatment system.

– Dr. Angela Dagley
Clear Lake Foot & Ankle Specialist

It's been a month and I just got back from vacation. A vacation that I was afraid to go on because of the pain in my foot. I was afraid to walk on the beach, guess what? I did it. I don't believe that words can express how I feel. You and your product have given me comfort and the ability to feel like my old self again.

– Dianna

I have had a cortisone shot and a boot to wear at night as well as orthotics to eliminate my pain in my foot. The relief has been periodic and temporary. Then I tried your product. I was amazed at the absence of pain after first three days of using FasciaDerm... Thanks again for this wonderful product.

– Ken D.

You deserve pain relief NOW, and you can’t go wrong with FasciaDerm.

  • One size fits all
  • Fits RIGHT or LEFT foot
  • Non-invasive
  • Easy to apply
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

FasciaDerm has been developed with a introspective and foundational construct based both on anatomical structure and mechanical function of the muscle and skeletal interactions of the human ankle and foot

– Dr. Joel A. Bloom, Ph.D., MSE
Houston, TX
Koala Health & Wellness Centers, Inc.

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Disclaimer:All remedies and warranties limited to product replacement or a refund of the purchase price. The information provided is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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